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Preparing for 

Our Birth Day

Be prepared to have the best birth possible.  These classes are for those are preparing to have a non-medicated birth.  Practice contraction exercises and gather a 'bag of tricks' to help you on your big day.  

Whether you are planning to deliver at CWB or another location, being prepared is essential.  At CWB, we feel so strongly about this preparation that the course is required for all 1st time moms and highly recommended for first non-medicated births. 



This is an on-going class scheduled for the 2nd Tuesday of the month and repeats every six months.  

Price includes as many sessions as you can attend for mom-to-be and up to two birth team members.

Please bring a pillow and your water bottle.  A yoga mat is also helpful.  Light snacks are provided. 

Try to watch 'The Business of Being Born' before your visit to help you understand your options:

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