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Do We Need a Doula? 

If this is your first baby, your first non-medicated birth or you have had difficult labors in the past, than a doula is recommended and probably essential to have your birth with a midwife. 

CWB can only allow certified doulas to come with you to the birth center, but many others can act as a doula before you arrive.  You may want to choose a family member or close friend who has had an unmedicated birth and supports your choice to use a midwife.


CWB highly recommends Doula du Jour services for your birth.  They work primarily with the birth center and for moms who whish to have an unmedicated birth or have an unplanned cesarean section.  

Contact Doula du Jour at:

(864) 735-7270


Assurance during early labor:

It's exciting to be in early labor, but it may also be scary and let's face it, most people don't want to have the baby in the car.  With reassurance that certain symptoms are part of a normal labor, many women feel more comfortable.  When you are able to relax, your labor usually progresses faster. 


Encouragement and Recommendations:

It's easy to feel like giving up when you are tired, confused and in pain.  But a doula can help you focus on your goals.  They have plenty of suggestions for coping with the contractions or even helping them get stronger. 


Pain Relieving Techniques:

Does your back hurt?  Maybe you can try a warm compress or hip circles on a birth ball.  A doula comes with a lot of experience and tools to help you through your birth journey. 



There are a lot of decision to be made both before and during labor.  They may be decisions that you anticipated when you created your birth plan or they may be some unexpected hurdles.  A doula will help you way the pros and cons of those choices.  She can also help you express your desires to staff. 


Let's Work Together

A certified doula is an important part of the birth team.  She should support your desires and feel confident with out-of-hospital care. A doula works with the staff while guiding you to your best birth experience. 

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